The Experience Hendrix Concert Review

 If Jimi Hendrix wasn’t at the show I witnessed I would be very surprised. The extremely talented group of musicians that performed at this concert was nothing less of epic. I have rarely been in attendance of a concert that went as smoothly and seemingly effortless than this one. Everyone from artists to stage hands and support made this concert legendary. Watching Buddy Guy play was like watching rain fall while Billy Cox provided the thunder. I have seen many well known artists on stage, but I have never seen so many really great artists on the stage at the same time.71637617_720486635044090_2770601227040325632_n

Truly amazing to know that these fantastic musicians can have the ability to compliment each others instruments on stage at once is a testament to their greatness. Not once did I see one artist try to outdo the other, not even a hint of upstaging by one or another artist. Seriously a well oiled machine that rock and rolled on into the history books. The entire concert was outstanding in every way. Giving the audience a huge helping of what live music should be. I had the honor of meeting most of them before the show and talking for a little while before sound check. And I think I can pass on what I learned about these great artists. They are all as humble as a legend can get. Welcoming and pleasant to talk with. If I might be so bold as to suggest to up and coming rock and rollers who want to learn from “the greats”… this is what I would say: Work not only to have an instrument that is in tune, but also work to be in tune with each other. Harmonize with your band mates as you would your songs, and finally; Walk softly and carry a big stick. I asked Billy Cox how he made it all these years, when so many others didn’t,…he said: “I don’t have bad habits.” Check for information on this tour and if it’s coming to within driving distance…drive. If not… buy a plane ticket.

71690016_735820906857598_8547184755278348288_nYou will not be sorry you did. Buddy Guy, Billy Cox, Joe Satriani, Johnny Lang, Dweezil Zappa, Doyle Bramhall II, Eric Johnson, Dug Pinnick, Mato Manji, Chris Layton, Calvin Cooke, Chuck Cambell, Kevin McCormick, Henri Brown.


Edward Dose is a Photographer and writer based out of Seattle, WA.

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