The American Cheese Tour – Mac Sabbath, Okilly Dokilly, Playboy Manbaby

ok, first things first. Yes, Mac Sabbath is exactly what you think they are. They are a Black Sabbath tribute band right? well, not exactly. Maybe if Black Sabbath was formed in some fast-food Playland. The biggest difference is that Black Sabbath is a Heavy Metal band, and Mac Sabbath is a Drive Thru Metal band. Well, maybe there are a few other differences.  Yes, Mac Sabbath is a parody, band a BRILLIANT parody band. DSC_2485They take Black Sabbath songs, which they play perfectly, and change the lyrics to warn us about the dangers of fast food. Such as “Sweet Leaf,” has become “Sweet Beef.”

Lead by Ronald Osbourne, a Mac Sabbath live show is an event, one that needs to be seen. On the guitar is Slayer MacCheese, Grimealice on the bass, and The Catburglar on the drums. There is a grill on stage, a giant cup and straw, they are even assisted by the employee of the month. Heres my suggestion, check out our photo gallery, you’ll be intrigued. Check them out on YouTube, you’ll have no choice but to move to step three. Correct, go see a Mac Sabbath show!

A few other things of note, Mac Sabbath always has the best merchandise! Rad shirts, buttons, even a really cool scarf! One thing that always perplexed me, was why they don’t have any actual albums out. The only physical music you can buy is their version of “Paranoid” called “Pair-a-buns. It comes on one of those floppy transparent vinyl records that used to come in magazines when I was growing up. What makes this so spectacular, is that it comes inside their very own coloring book!

Another important thing, they always bring cool bands with them on the road. You like that segue?

Next on the bill, for another tour with Mac Sabbath, is Okilly Dokilly. Ok, to the point, that name sound familiar? It should if you


are familiar with the Simpsons, Yup, they are a Ned Flanders theme band, Nedal Metal if you will.
The entire show is in Character. Oh, I should mention, so is Mac Sabbaths show. Well, they are actually time traveling space clown? (I Think) but point is, they are not of this time. Ok, back to Okilly Dokilly and their Fresh Streamed Nedal…..

Sound wise, insane, wonderfully insane. obviously Nedal is Metal with Ned Flanders flair. But there are many elements to their music, I don’t think I can even describe it. You really just need to check it out. Cool fact, their video for  “White Wine Spritzer” was featured durning the end credits of The Simpsons.

The new band of this tour was Playboy Manbaby. I knew nothing of them before this tour, and still don’t know much. They seemed more on the punk side than the other two bands. They certainly had a lot of fun injected into their punk rock vibe.DSC_2255 Their artwork and a little bit of the diversity of their sound reminded me of one of my favorite bands, Alice Donut. So yeah, Playboy Manbaby is a bit “punk rock art core,” I may have just made that up .Either way, I’d check these guys out also.

Recommendation: check these bands out!  And make sure to check out our photo galleries from the show!

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