New DAMN YOUR EYES track  “Low Road”  –   Adrenaline PR

I really like what I’m hearing with this Band. It’s hardcore, it’s brutal, it’s in your face. Just like Heavy Metal should be. “Low Road” has everything I have been missing since MTV stopped showing Headbangers Ball. Kenny Vincent’s has a voice perfect for this, it is primal and gritty and it’s real. Oddie McLaughlin is a beast on the Bass. Many times the bassist is overlooked, but you can’t overlook him, he commands your attention. Rick Taiano hits those sticks giving massive impressive drum beats.Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 2.15.51 PM I think Damn Your Eyes have the perfect line up of musicians to light up the hard rock metal world. My favorite part of “Low Road” is it’s hard core but not overdone. You can hear and understand every word, and the heavy riffs and beats have a quality melody that makes it all come together perfectly. This is a band I will be keeping an eye on and listening to in the future.

Listen for yourself at Metal Injection!

– Rebecca Hammock

More at The Industry Music Magazine Website and on Facebook Page!


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