Sifting ‘The Infinite Loop” and review of the track “A Critical Affair”

Progressive metal prodigies SIFTING will release their upcoming third full-length album entitled ‘The Infinite Loop” on September 27, 2019 via Eclipse Records / Adrenaline PR

     Progressive metal band from Los Angeles with the DNA of Venezuela, you can tell that Eduardo Gil has been influenced by current events of the world.
Relocating to Los Angeles from Venezuela in 2014, and signing with Eclipse Records in 2017.
Current members include:
  • Eduardo Osuna Gil – Vocals/Guitar
  • Richard Garcia – Lead Guitar
  • Winston Jarquin – Bass
  • Joey Aguirre – Drums1nFyJBzU2HWOrJu89gPwMP3kRBCa4VIVzo0M0kWv_Uq2JjKNfwiCvHIlWgiNEc7XebeTSHZwzO_og02IA-WYUxwT3sJdfespzbQih5wVCwW-Iw8O9dMnd49bRvjk7H7ZU8fSX_M
     Sifting will be the story tellers on the soundtrack to the next decade of what will come to be as known as a turbulent history.
The song entitled A CRITICAL AFFAIR:
Technically amazing and musically evenly balanced as though a 17th century composer traveled through time to the moment of the apocalypse.
Instrumentally clean and cutting edge like a lightening bolt racing through the air with impending force.
Impressive executions throughout the song giving the whole song a feeling of unity during the lyrical story of the upheaval and victory of humankind.
Every member of the band working in unison with the others like a well oiled machine, giving the song torque and inertia as it progressively runs through your head and explodes into a symphony of harmonic, seismic convulsions of intent, hell bent on electrocuting every cell in your being.
The ending of the song begs the listener to ask, as they stand unified and yet in defiant hope,….What’s next?
– by Edward Culver-Dose
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