Summoner’s Circle – Become None

Pavement Entertainment

“Let the Summoning Begin…” 
Summoner’s Circle is a six-piece theatrical metal band that blends elements of doom, death, black and progressive metal into what they refer to as simply “epic metal.”

For the band, every song is an incantation, every live performance is a summoning, and everything they do is tied intrinsically to the mythology, or lore, they have created. The lore tells the story of the band’s origins, battles of divine conquest, and showcases their creativity and vision, which sets the stage for a very entertaining live performance where bigger is better, and epic is always the standard.

Summoner’s Circle released their first EP, entitled First Summoning, in late 2015. In November of 2018, Summoner’s Circle signed with Pavement Entertainment. Their album Become None was released on May 17, 2019, as they continue spreading their magic, mayhem, and metal to a worldwide audience.

…. Well, everything stated about in this official press release is ABSOLUTELY TRUE! The Look, The sound, the song titles, yup, all boxes checked! What more can I say? Ok, I’ll give it a shot. Summoner’s Circle does a great job tying together hard driving drums and spastic guitar with ominous keyboards. The vocals range from eerie to full blown chaos. “Temple of Suffering” has great unexpected guitar groove one would not expect to hear on this album. This is one of those great albums that you can chill out to, or get crazy to depending on your mood. If you like a bit of melody with your metal, Summoner’s Circle “Become None” may be for you!

Head over to Summoners Circle to check out the video for “Becoming None” as well as to stream some music and check them out for yourself!

Summoner’s Circle has shared the stage with: 

  • Pentagram
  • Deicide
  • All Hell
  • Crowbar
  • Goatwhore
  • Thy Antichrist
  • Witchtrap (Colombia)
  • Place of Skulls
  • GWAR
  • MacSabbath
  • Phil Anselmo and the Illegals

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