YELLA BELLY in support of Johnny Marr

I Recently saw NYC’s Yella Belly at College Street Music Hall. College Street is a cool venue, with a great stage and lighting.  So that in itself is pretty cool for any band. What made this slightly cooler is the fact they were opening for Johnny Marr. DSC_5687 Still cooler, not as one of 4 local acts added to pad out a bill, but on the tour in direct support. (incase it wasn’t oblivious, when I said ” Slightly Cooler,” I was using sarcasm. It’s actually super cool)

So, who the hell is Yella Bella? Well heres what it says on their website:

“Yella Belly is William Thompson, Connor Jones, and Jacob Hiebert. After wandering in the New York City music scene, the trio found themselves writing together in 2019 by way of their previous projects Elliot & The Ghost and Toma. The group brings together their rock roots and lust for infectious riffs both live and in the recording studio. Equal parts Texas grit and New York energy, Yella Belly is a feeling set to a rebellious holler, a firecracker spark in a world on fire, a bunch of soft boys making music for a hard world.

The group was invited as direct support for Johnny Marr on his Call The Comet 2019 Tour. Yella Belly’s debut release ‘Bad Dog / Last Days’ AA-Side was released May 3, 2019.”

Vocals, Guitar, Keys / William Thompson
Bass, Vocals / Connor Jones
Drums, Vocal / Jake Hiebert

Ok, Now that that’s out of the way….

“Unexpected” is the first thing that comes to mind. I really had no idea what to except. I would have never guessed they were from NYC. DSC_9616This is based on their look and sound. Then again, based on there look they kinda sound like what you think, but not really. Kinda NY hip, kinda Nashville twang? Upbeat, catchy, great vocals, and lots of fun! The drums are hard hitting for sure. Then out of nowhere one song has a Lap Steel! Then there is “Last Days” which has a Beatles vibe to it. Hmmm, maybe I’m completely wrong? The more I think about they ARE NY.  I guess I’ll end with “refreshing.” So let’s recap, “unexpected & Refreshing.”

The way I see it, if I can’t really explain it, they are doing something right. Your best bet is ALWAYS to catch a band live, check out  for dates. In the mean time, check them out on Bandcamp, spotify,  and all thier social media’s.



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