Nasty Fetish Fun with The Lords of Acid

It’s Friday night in downtown Cleveland and the weather is finally breaking. it’s a fairly temperate night for Northeast Ohio in early March. However, upon arrival at the infamous Agora Ballroom “green” room I found Sin Quirin shivering cold and Marike Bresseleers trying to warm him up from the “freezing” Ohio weather. Thus, began one of the best and most fun interviews I have conducted in quite a long time. I recognized Sin from his performances with Ministry but to be honest I had no idea what to expect from this interview or band. Even though the band was created thirty years ago and was insanely popular, I had never heard of them or their music.  I went with no preconceived notions about what to expect from the band or the show.

I entered the beautiful, historic and recently upgraded and updated Agora Theatre and was immediately enveloped in a swarm of fans dressed in fetish costume. Plenty of leather, high definition make-up and spiked clothes and hair mingling with a more toned-down crowd.  Everyone there came out ready to party and cut loose after a long week of work and a long grey Cleveland winter. It was time for some fetish fun. 

The interview with Marike and Sin started rather normally with me asking a few mundane questions about Marike and learning some history and background. It quickly went to the south side of silly with Sin pretending to perform a marriage proposal to Marike.  He presented her with a beautiful hand crumpled and rolled tin foil ring.  We bantered back and forth between silly and serious. I tried to stay on track and I learned some very cool fun facts about the band, Marike and Sin. 

Marike explained to me that she was from Brussels and this was her first big tour.  The Pretty in Kink tour is in support of their recently released double cd with the same name and it is a five week north American tour. Prior to joining Lord’s about two years ago she had only performed locally. I asked her if she ever got nervous and she quickly answered ‘NO”. I learned that Sin, was a member of Ministry and that was his main band but he had always been a fan of The Lords of Acid and has toured with them before. He also mentioned if things slowed down with Ministry he would like to spend more time working with Lords. Marike also noted that the band was not as popular in Europe as they were in the US. She said they had plans to book some dates in Belgium after the tour. She noted that the bands founder and only original member, Praga Khan was much more popular in Belgium and Europe than Lords.  They are hoping to try to expand that market by doing several shows back home in Belgium. We ended the interview joking and being silly with a promise of a future invitation to the wedding.   

When I walked back to the theatre, I was able to catch the end of the Genitorturers set. I only saw the last two songs with my ears and eyes glued to the stage I was instantly in love with this band.  Next up was the only band I recognized on the show. Orgy performed an exciting high energy set of old and new songs and of course their hit Blue Monday which got everybody moving, bumping and jumping on the dance floor. The vocalist Jay Gordon was moving, dancing and jumping too. He never missed a beat even though he wore a boot style cast was obviously suffering a leg injury.  The next performance was Little Miss Nasty. I had seen these lovely ladies perform on tour last year and once again they did an excellent job of pumping up the crowd. These professionals perform a heavy metal burlesque style dance show set to a variety of rock and metal songs.

The highlight of the night was Lords of Acid. They came on stage with an explosion of sound and lights. The very sweet, young Marike that I had met earlier in the interview was transformed into a sex goddess vixen with vocals that were nothing short of amazing.  It was as if she was born to be the Acid Queen. She performed the lead vocalist and theatric role flawlessly. Her strong vocals were both powerful, sexy and haunting all at the same time.  Praga Khan was clearly enjoying himself the entire show he smiled and threw his keyboard around and had the stage techs scurrying in circles to make quick repairs while he pranced across the stage to hug his guitarists. The show was as much fun as the interview. The band was clearly having the time of their life. Marike interacted beautifully with her audience. When she performed the song “pussy” she invited all the “pussy” in the room up on stage. The stage was literally filled with dancing writhing females from the audience who were also clearly having the time of their life. I loved watching this show and band perform. I don’t know what was more fun, the silly, goofy interview with Marike and Sin or the absolutely flawless funky fetish fun this band presented to their audience. From blow up dolls to whips and chains everyone had the time of their life. I would highly recommend catching Lords of Acid on the Pretty in Kink tour and definitely go buy the CD for future fun listening. 

You can find all you need right here

by Nancy Wolfson-Coe

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