NASH – “Incredible Villains”

Alternative heavy rockers N.A.S.H.  release debut album, “’Incredible Villains’”  on UK label Heavy Metal Records


“Alternative heavy rockers,” you know what? That’s pretty accurate, they are Alternative heavy rockers. New York heavy weights N.A.S.H. write hard driving, catch songs! The guitar riffs have elements of metal, as well as gen-x type hooks. What I like about these guys is the fact that every element of the music is distinguishable. Every instrument holds its own sonic space within the song without becoming disjointed. The result is a song you can sing along to and pump you’re fist to. 

I first became aware of these guys the first time I photographed Doyle, who in addition to Element a440, were playing The Loft in Poughkeepsie NY.  They put on a killer live show and have only been getting better. At this point the only thing left to do is check them out for yourself!

Check out their latest video for The Editor. Then head over to for the latest news and the links to all their socials. You know what to do with those right? Correct, go LIKE all their pages, and pick up the debate album by N.A.S.H. !!


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